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Our duck punt conforms fairly close to the plans and is pretty typical of the breed, We did make a few changes along the way especially in adding a bit of extra flotation. Both bow and stern ends were sealed of and enclose foam. In addition, the mast thwart is closed and sealed.

The other changes are pretty much cosmetic. The front deck which would normally incorporate a gun tray is finished in natural wood and now sports a "Whale" cleat. The rub rail around the boat is wood finished. There is a small wood ledge at the stern which may accommodate a small electric outboard should that become necessary.

We made the floor boards fit the area from the mast thwart aft. If a passenger is to be accommodated, I think the area in front of the mast is best especially with the addition of some cushions. The pilot seat has three positions available over a span of 16 inches,