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Good News: Leprechaun Ark floats.

Took our boat to Lake Pleasant for the first "splash". Unfortunately I forgot the camera which is probably good as I had other priorities. It floats high in the water and wanted to start trucking away before it was even rigged. Once the sail was up, I made a few 360's before I started getting the hang of it.

I had planned to stay in the inlet next to the north ramp but things were going so well I continued on across the lake. Unfortunately, coming back the home shore looks a lot different this close to the water compared from a normal sailboat and I ended up coming in about 100 yards north on my return. The wind was blowing out of the inlet and try as I might I couldn't seem to get around the point. Finally pulled the entire rig and paddled the last half mile home. For reference: wind finder reports 7 to 10K during my time on the water.

--Seating very comfortable but needs a cushion.
--Need to avoid any hint of an accidental jibe as the boom is just above ear level.
--Need taller belaying pins to rest lee paddle against.
--Need to figure a way to release sprite pole when under way,
--Improve loading and launching method.
--boat likes to round up into irons. Wonder if it will stay there?
--Oar doesn't do much as a leeboard. Rather, the sharp chines do most of the work.
--Load on oar "rudder" can be pretty heavy in larger winds.
--Oar always at the ready to help tack.

After this first experience, I decided to try sitting more forward. I installed two more seat stops at 8 and 16 inches forward