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Welcome to our business site. We are now officially retired.  After a long and successful career as employees of industry we started our own consulting business.  Now, that too is retired.  Still, our consulting business offered a unique and efficient approach to quick assessments of product and service markets.  Therefore, we are retaining this business description for anyone who may desire to learn and apply our techniques.

The official name of our consulting business WAS "Creating Alternatives in Management and Marketing, L.L.C." Creating Alternatives was originally started as a market consulting firm with a very open charter. The company rapidly expanded in market analysis business and managed several large and successful projects. Once the company realized initial goals, the partners decided to develop other business areas in line with their other interests particularly in aviation and real estate.

We thoroughly tested and documented the handling and performance characteristics of N493DB. This aircraft is an experimental; the project broadly expanded our corporate experience providing the confidence to move into the new area of Light Sport Aircraft (LSA). In 2006, this became a major thrust of our business.  We acquired, built and tested a RANS S6ES.  As of 2010, both aircraft had been sold and we terminated our active participation in aviation.

We also acquired property for development in the Lake Cumberland region of Kentucky. This development progressed on plan and was sold in 2008.

As of this writing (2012) we have concluded shutting down the remainder of our consulting business except as required to train or teach the methods to those still active in industry.  For more specific information or to discuss a project, feel free to contact us by e-mail or or on the land line below.

We are home based in Glendale, Arizona.