There is no grand purpose to this website.

In its own way, this site is typical of the entire Internet - a mostly random collection of mostly irrelevant "stuff". Indeed, there is a high probability that time spent examining the contents of this site will be nearly as productive as time spent randomly dropping in anywhere else on the net.

Some of the information here is sort of topically organized. However, I must confess this organizing is intended for my benefit rather than yours. It's just that this makes things easier to find when I have to retract or correct something. As this is a significantly possible event, a modicum of organization seems worth the effort.
On the other hand, corrections may require more effort than I can muster. The reader is also alerted to the possibility that, fact, opinion, seriousness, humor, symbolism, editorial, skepticism, and sarcasm are mixed with a porous spatula. And, as you will find out, if you read about brickners in general, there is a distinct possibility of exaggeration within these contents.
The whole damn idea is to have some fun. That being said, never forget the contributors to this sight have opinions. Your job is to think about those opinions and integrate them into your own either in conflict or harmony in order to enrich your own experience.

Ready to go?

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Oops -- one more thing: this site is a work in progress - forever. If you get trapped or find some strange connection, please be so kind as to drop me a lne so I can find the problem and correct it. dave(at)