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This is where we get to explore one of Dave's latest activities. Actually, there are roots here that go back a few years -- even beyond his time at Sperry Marine. There was a long term dream to get out on the water especially for an extended period. And, sailing always held a special attraction given the lone skills involved in harnessing the wind. A few years after our employment at Sperry Marine there was an opportunity to spend a week at the Annapolis sailing school in Florida. Here a weekend with the basics aboard a sloop rigged trainer was followed by five days aboard a 37 foot O'Day. There were only two students besides the skipper and it was a great experience.

Later we bought a 12 foot Hobie/Holder dingy and trucked it down to Mexico. There we launched in the surf and were able to sail almost daily. Certainly these were not extended voyages but launching and beaching in the surf was pretty excellent experience - especially if you didn't ming getting wet.

After my flying days were ended I decided to get a bit more serious about getting on the water. That is our MacGregor "Gypsea Dream" sporting the blue hull in the picture up top. That picture was taken at the Pocket Cruiser Convention at Lake Havasu AZ in February of 2012. Below is a video taken on Gypsea Dream while on Lake Pleasant.

This is aboard our MacGregor 26M which we procured in the fall of 2010. Life is good!

(video also available at You Tube - Lake Pleasant)

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Gypsea Dream is trailerable so we are not limited to Lake Pleasant. In the spring of 2013 we went international and launched in the Sea of Cortez at Rocky Point MX. Unfortunately the wind had been blowing hard out of the south for the three days preceding our arrival. The nearly thousand mile fetch to the south allowed for a huge build up of waves. I managed to get out of the harbor on all three days but only got the sail up for a brief period. Here is a video illustrating the conditions. It was pretty exciting for this novice sailor. More Rocky Point is still on my "bucket List". Here is a video of that one.You Tube - Rocky Point

Then it was off to Catalina Island via Marina Del Rey. This trip was in the late summer of 2013. What a great adventure as captured in this video. You Tube - Catalina Island