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feedback (from previous clients)

We are always trying to improve so it is important to find out what our clients have to say about our work. Early on, we had three areas of consulting work -- market research, organizational behavior and operational test and data gathering. Our clients told us our work in market research was where we should concentrate our efforts. We no longer take projects involving organizational behavior.

At the end of a year the clients in that year are asked to rate us and provide narrative feedback on the value and quality of our services and how we might improve in the future. Over time, we are pleased to report over 26 percent of our clients have taken the time to respond.

Respondents were asked for a numerical rating (0 to 5) on a variety of factors involving market research, market analysis, and report generation and presentation.  The result was 4.73 out of a possible 5 were 5 represents fully satisfied.

And, this is some of what they had to say.

"For the subject and time allotted, I was pleased with the result."

"Great job.  Keep up the good work."

"I envy your tasks.  What you do is fascinating and helpful."

"Excellent value work on front end analysis and presentations in new business areas."

"Recommend more outright candidness when consulting on internal tough issues."

(Your) "Independent methods validated our views."

"We could have defined scope and expectations better on the front end of the project."

"You pushed us harder to follow a logical process."

"Served our purpose well.  We needed an independent first cut market size estimate."

"Quality and delivery excellent.  Very valuable."

"Wouldn’t hesitate to call on you again."

"Provided different insights which gave us new perspective on the issue."

"Dave, I think our organization generally feel your work for us on market assessment was better than the work focused internally around organization and process.  I think your marketing originality etc. shows through on the former."

"You helped organize some of our thoughts and validate our conceptions."

"Don’t be afraid to call a spade a spade and stick with it."

"Continue to build a network for information gathering on a rapid basis."

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