Where we do our tasks ??

what (do we do)

who (can benefit)

why (are we needed)

how (do we work)

where (do we do our tasks)

when (are we needed)

feedback (from previous clients)

Creating Alternatives had an office in Phoenix, Arizona. Our mailing address was and still is Glendale. We supported a flight support facility at the Glendale Airport (GEU) Our usual research team included people in Albuquerque, NM. Our business model had no need of a large central location but were able to travel and meet as required. Our database research was done in libraries (We are registered users of the Library of Congress) and makes heavy use of the internet. Our interview scheduling was done from our locations in Phoenix and Albuquerque. On site interviews may be conducted anywhere in the world.

We do some work on site at our clients facility particularly during definition and report phases. In addition. it may be advantageous to do some research in these facilities when the customer has proprietary access to significant market data base information.

In short, Creating Alternatives will go where the project demands.

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