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Creating Alternatives..., L.L.C. is of most benefit to those enterprises entering or contemplating entry into periods of significant change. Entry into a new market is typical of such a change. Other changes calling for serious analysis may be the introduction of a new product or service or the introduction of significant product features. Indeed, any strategic element of a business plan is a candidate an indepedent look by a professional market analysis team.

Strategic plans are often wholly developed by industry insiders. These experts are highly desireable because of their attachment ot their knowledge of traditions and historical perspective. They often have intimate knowledge of the inner workings of products or services that can have special advantages to the customer. However, these same traditions and detail understandings can become difficult to see around. Sometimes the perspective of the customer contains nuance that is submerged in the technical finery of the expert. At other times the insider becomes so committed to the defined pathway as to miss the real issues in the eyes of the customer.

Creating Alternatives does not propose to eliminate the views of the experts. Rather, the proposal is to assist these experts in refining their view of the world -- especially the world of the customer.

The process developed by Creating Alternatives is flexible and can be applied in various levels of concentration depending on the concerns of the client. Generally, it is best to break the largest tasks into smaller manageable projects where initial analysis can lead to more knowledgeable decisions about future analysis. For instance, a typical project might involve a series of ten open ended interview questions and maybe 25 target interviewees representing various stakeholders in the industry. This represents both the smallest and, also, a very cost effective sample. Results are manageable and will likely lead to conclusions having a high degree of confidence. Invariably, alternative thoughts and ideas arise as the interview data is examined.

The results of an analysis by the Creating Alternatives process can be used to alter business strategies in minor or major ways depending on the strength of the new found insight. For sure, there are times whern the results of the analysis merely serve to strenthen confidence in strategies already in place. Usually, however, even when the strategies are well struck the analysis will help to reveal potential pitfalls to be avoided. The strategy is all the more strengthened for the effort.

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