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Where one stands in the world is often defined by the philosophy of issues and things one holds to be true. At this place in our web site we are going to jot down some things we feel strongly about. These feelings are shaped by our experiences and exposures as well as the way we were brought up including school, religion, family, and so on. I am also adding several essays that remember my past. Nothing unusual about this except that it is absolutely unique and mine alone.

By way of introduction, I will say, I don't like labels as they seem to be a way of immediate segregation that frequently goes wrong. Having said that, I admit I am an "RC" a couple of times over. As in "recovering catholic", or as in "reformed conservative". I also drink too much, eat too much, talk too much and my doctor says I am a diabetic. In the past, I was a corporate gipsy -- moving where ever "they" sent me. I spent most of my working career dealing with transportation industries but primarily aviation. A good deal of that was defense related.

I will say that it is not my intention to convince you of anything. Rather, my desire is to get you to think differently about a subject we may have discussed here. You may come away with a changed mind or even stronger convictions you entertained before. That is all up to you. I just want you to think about what ever it is.

As for Victoria, I'll let her speak for herself when she gets time and wants to add or change what is said here.

For starters, I have listed quick links related to politics, ethics and growing up in the left column. Navigate over there and see what you think. Then, if you have the stomach, see what I have to say about the end of life and globalization. I'm still working on my views of religion. To give a preview, the bumper sticker on my truck says, "God was my copilot but, we crashed in the mountains and I had to eat him." I'll bet you can't wait.

In the stories of the past you will find what I remember about growing up in the 1940's and 50's. The essays are short topics discussing the experiences of growing up in rural Wisconsin.

More to come