Proving the Theory of Evolution.

Thesis: Organized religion proves the theory of evolution.

 The theory of evolution is based on the evidence that living organisms mutate from time to time and the mutation that best accommodates the environment or counters enemies of the organism are more likely to survive and multiply.  The ultimate goal of this mutation strategy is to survive and spread the species.  This process is devoid of ethical considerations and often brutal to other living species.  There is a need to grow – a kind of greed to live on by any available means.  This greed has little forward planning.  In fact, species have been known to grow so vociferously as to consume their own favorable environment.

 This process of evolution is present in every living organism varying only in the rapidity of mutation.  Generally, simpler organisms tend to mutate more rapidly.  However, given the proper environment, stimulus or catalyst, many organisms can be made to mutate faster.

 The expressions of evolution behavior can be seen in societies of organisms.  The ecology of species has numerous demonstrations of sympathetic evolution. For instance, in a simple example, birds derive shelter and security in shrubbery and trees.  They also spread seed to help propagate the shrubbery and trees.

 This behavior extends itself into human communities as well.  Here we see societies and social systems mutating expanding and growing in a way that spreads their control and moves to ensure survival of the community.  We see this behavior throughout human history.

 Modern corporations and business structures show how a stimulus can promote mutation and growth.  In this case the stimulus is formalized capitalism.  Profits and capital are easily measured and mutations can be specifically engineered to promote the desired survival and growth.  Again, we see the drive to survive and expand attempt to suppress ethics and long-term concern for the environment.

 So too, the religions of the world behave like other living organisms.  Starting with simple societies formed around the hallucinations and dreams of members of our ancestry.  These societies were cemented together with stories developed from these hallucinations that were thought to provide answers to things unknown.  The mutations came in the form of anecdotal events used to justify or amplify the stories or myths over the ages.  These organisms combined and divided and other prophets lived, dreamed and died.  The greedy need to survive and multiply is clearly as evident here as it is anywhere else in natural organisms.  Just consider the crusades, the inquisition, the genocide in Central and South America, The witch trials, the fight between Jews, Christians, and Muslims are all examples of brutality and greed to grow and survive.  And what could be better examples of the lack of ethics than Jerry Falwell, Ayatollah Khomeini, or Pat Robertson. 

 That’s my thesis and it makes sense to me.  But, here is the final straw.  An argument used for the idea of intelligent design is that there are holes in the vast records of evolution.  The most serious of these is supposed to be that we do not know the precise origins of life.  Therefore, it is said the science doesn’t hold up.  Yet, we don’t know the precise origins of religion.  When pressed, the proponents of these movements tell us it is a mystery or we are to have faith.  I say it is a copout.   The scientists say we are still looking for the origins of life; much more honest and reassuring answer.


Rationally Yours,

Dave 28 December 2005