American Ethos.......

The quadrinity is made up of God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Ghost, and our God, Ronald Reagan.

Greed is a virtue to be nurtured in those who can make a profit for management.

Profit is the only reason for any business to exist.  Incentives must be designed to ensure management does not stray from this singular fundamental principle.

Accumulation of Wealth honors the true God and is the only reason to exist.

White males, age 30 to 50, are by definition the most productive people in the world.  The rest of the population should honor them and be at their service.

On rare occasions certain other persons (non white males outside of age 30 to 50) may succeed.  This rare phenomenon is to be feared, ignored, and/or chalked up to the liberal media.

Economic predators exhibit acceptable behavior as long as they contribute to the proper political causes.

Proper channeling of the profit or greed virtue can solve almost all problems.  The remaining problems will be solved if we downsize.

Those born poor or those who run into life difficulties have mostly themselves to blame.  The tax system should make sure they pay their own way out of this non-virtuous situation.

Guilt and proper sentences are inversely proportional to the wealth of the accused

What is good for US business is good for the world.

Tree huggers and other no-virtuous persons try to dominate any discussion of the environment.  Their lack of a proper profit motive explains why they do not understand that the environment will always be here.

No one living outside of the United States can possibly know what is best for the world.

International problems have an ultimate solution: kill something in the name of God.  This is a long-standing Christian tradition.

When innocent bystanders die at the hand of anyone who does not agree with our principles it is terrorism.

When innocent bystanders die as a result of our action or actions of those who agree with our principles it is collateral damage.

God bless America (ignore those other dudes – they don’t accept Ronald)

My apologies for the cynical flavor of this piece. Unfortunately, I think it represents an attitude present in a large chunk of our population. I prepared this list upon reflecting on news events since the end of the cold war.  As it is intended to be reflect a contemporary view, I reserve the right to update the content from time to time.

I think there is a group attitude that forms around a lot of small events. We do things that seem appropriate at the moment and see them come back later in a form that was not intended. For my part as a patriot and a member of this society, I am sincerely saddened that my own actions or non-actions may have contributed to some of the behavior exhibited in our society.  I am working to correct those errors. Now, may God bless the world and all of its citizens.  Please show us the way to live in peace and understanding!

--Dave Brickner—November 2003--