Big Green Egg


We have a special passion for food and drink -- preparing or consuming! We were both raised by mothers who cared about food. Victoria's mom was one of those people who could taste a new item and go home and duplicate the recipe. Dave's mom was a collector of recipes and always willing to try new ideas. Dave's parents house was a favorite stop for the crew on the summer threshing run and for family get-to-gethers.
Victoria is an excellent cook with excellent judgement regarding spices, presentation, and process. Dave cooked in college but rarely ventured into the kitchen with Vikki except for being the designated griller. However, Dave always had an interest in the cooking arts especially the science of why things are done the way they are. Today, the family library is filled with great texts and the computer is full of articles, recipes and web sites all having to do with cooking. Oh, and brewing as well.
So what is this site all about? Well, mostly just fun. We'll share some of what we learn. The categories are recipes, equipment, processes, establishments and links to other great sites. Come on in and poke around. We have lots of plans for this site but, to start with go look at our features on the Big Green Egg or try out our discussions of our experiments with bread.