N633LS was constructed in our hanger at the Glendale AZ Airport. This aircraft was built from plans provided by RANS Aircraft, Inc. The S6ES is a two seat tandem, high wing monoplane of tube and fabric construction. N633LS is equipped with full controls, including brakes, for both sides of the cockpit. Control linkage to the ailerons is a combination of cables and push rods. The elevator linkage is a push rod. Rudder control is via cables. Flap control and elevator trim is via enclosed cables.

Fuel is carried in two wing tanks. These tanks are of composite construction, and are located in the root area of the wings. The capacity of each tank is 9 gallons, and fuel is routed through a selector valve in the cockpit to the engine fuel pump.

Baggage is carried in two compartments. The first is a compartment aft of the rear seat. The second compartment is accessed via a hatch on the right side of the fuselage aft of the cockpit.

The view is great through huge windows on both
sides of the craft. The doors can be opened or
removed for an even better - but breezy - view.

The 6ES structure is of tube and fabric construction. The cockpit cage is constructed of welded steel. The rest of the fuselage is constructed of aluminum tubing and fittings. The tail surfaces are also tube and fabric. The horizontal and vertical elements are connected with external support cables. The wing ribs are stamped aluminum. Each rib is riveted to both spars as well as to the fabric covering. The primary loads of the wing are carried by the main spar and struts attached to the fuselage. Fastening of the various structural members to each other is by means of blind "pop" rivets in the fuselage, wings and tail surfaces.

N633LS is powered with a six-cylinder Jabiru engine capable of developing 120 horsepower. This engine provides extra smooth, vibration free performance to an already sporty design. The Jabiru represents a departure from the RANS design. RANS normally uses a ROTAX engine. Considerable attention was given to the cooling design for the Jabiru installation. The plenum design we used is very similar to the tried and true approaches used on production aircraft such as Cessna, Mooney, or Piper and proved to work very well.

N633LS is instrumented for VFR day or night operation and is equipped with both navigation and landing lights. However, night VFR operations are specifically discouraged by this builder. The aircraft is certificated as AMATEUR BUILT EXPERIMENTAL. It also meets the criteria for FAA designation for light sport operations.

The aircraft is light, well balanced, and properly powered and

--A delight to fly!--

N633LS was sold following a very detailed flight test protocol. The aircraft now resides in northern California where it is flown regularly by the new owner.