a picture of the panel in N493DB

Welcome back to the Hanger

This is a page for story telling. I am in the process of writing the stories I will share with you. Once these are in place, I will connect you to my blog for easy response. Then you will be able to share your stories as well. I am writing about the test flight of my experimental and some other fun stuff like when I forgot to latch the canopy prior to takeoff. Yes, I lost the canopy in flight. Lots of fun with no windscreen what so ever.

I also plan to share how I made use of my computer during the construction of N493DB and N633LS. I used a CAD program to do the actual physical panel layout and I used a spreadsheet to do wire lists. If these subjects are of interest prior to being formally presented here, drop me an e-mail and I will tell you about it in advance. In the mean time, keep your nose up in the turns and happy flying. --- Dave

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